Reviving Ram Mala Complex, Comilla

Reviving Ram Mala Complex, Comilla

Arch-Bangla “STUDENT SECTION” is presenting here  “মহেশাঙ্গন : Reviving Ram Mala Complex, Comilla “. The student enrolled in Architecture Department, School of Architecture and Design of BRAC University. The student tried to focuses the importance of this Heritage block. And how it can be revived into a lively place again by applying principles of New Contextualism.

Project Name:  মহেশাঙ্গন : Reviving Ram mala Complex
Project Location: Shaktola, Comilla town, Comilla.
Student’s Name: Monishita Mumtahina
Project Year: Thesis 2023
Project Supervisor’s Names:  Dr. Mohammad Habib Reza, Mohammad Zillur Rahman
Head of The Department: Professor Zainab Faruqui Ali
University: BRAC University, School of Architecture and Design.
Area: 4.2 Acres

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মহেশাঙ্গন : Reviving Ram mala Complex, Comilla

Ram mala Library is a hundred years old library located in the city of Comilla and one hundred kilometer away from Dhaka city. Mahesh Chandra Bhattacharya, an eminent philanthropist and educationist of Nabinagar of Brahmanbaria district, founded this library from his earning for the benefit of learners in memory of his departed mother Ram mala Devi in 1912. Ram mala library occupies a wide range of land in the middle of Comilla town.

This library is enriched with 12000 printed books and 8500 hand-written books on literature, culture, history, geography, philosophy, religion and other branches of knowledge. This more than hundred years old structure has developed into a cultural complex with heritage value. But it is losing it’s value day by day because of lack of care. Not many people now a days even knows Ram Mala Library.

মহেশাঙ্গন : Concept

This projects focuses the importance of this Heritage block. And how it can be revived into a lively place again by applying principles of New Contextualism. The only way to save Ram mala is to make people come to the site and aware them about this heritage.

The concept of the project was to connect the site to a nearby lively heritage cannel, Rani Dighi, with a pedestrian. So that when people visit Rani Dighi in order to explore heritage sites, they can also be lead up to Ram mala and be aware of it’s value. So in this way, a thriving heritage can save another dying heritage. This pedestrian path will go through site and create 3 zones; Recreational, academic and accommodation zone. Along site will be the heritage zone which will be improvised but still respected as the way it is.

This will create the opportunity for people to learn about Ram Mala complex and enjoy public spaces along the pedestrian path that has been created. Thus Ram Mala will be revived and marked as the heart of Comilla City.

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