Renovation, Modernization & Beautification of Biddut Bhaban

Renovation, Modernization & Beautification of Biddut Bhaban

Biddut Bhaban, Bangladesh Power Development Board, Dhaka

  • Project: Renovation, Modernization & Beautification of Biddut Bhaban, Dhaka
  • Address: 1, Nabab Abdul Gani Road, Dhaka-1000
  • Client: Bangladesh Power Development Board
  • Consultant: System Architects Ltd.
  • Mural: Masuk Helal
  • Contractor: Dockyard & Engineering Works Ltd, Bangladesh Navy
  • Status: Ongoing


BPDB-Bangladesh Power Development Board took decision to renovate its 30 years old Office Building at Nabab Abdul Gani road, Dhaka. The goal of the project was to enhance the efficiency of the existing building. Use of modern and smart technology made the old building into a contemporary one.  New and modern behavior pattern was provided through the new Architectural design by the consultant.

Consultant’s Opinion

What is recondition building? If the car can be, why not the old building? In fact, we do not want the country’s resources to be wasted. If the building is old, it should not be demolished. May the government’s efforts be prosperous. Let’s use our talent in various initiatives of the country

In this connection, the government came forward to use the idea of ​​how to make the users aware of the old building with a new look.

We started this troublesome work. An example is the initiative to make the old Biddut Bhaban as new as possible. In the first episode, partial interior and exterior work is going on. Trying to overcome some of the practical limitations. So that at least once again a long time old building becomes as useful as a new building. It was difficult because the office was fully operational during the construction period.

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