Heritage Sketches_PABNA |Ar. Shoubhik Dey

Heritage Sketches_PABNA |Ar. Shoubhik Dey

Biography Of the Architect
Ar. Shoubhik Dey is an architect, completed his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Khulna University (KU) currently working in a university as a guest lecturer and involved his own architecture practice. Sketches and illustrations are always therapeutic to him.

Documenting heritage buildings

Freehand sketching — as one of the methods to discover cities — plays main role to understand the image of the heritage city. It is considered as an important tool to analyze and document heritage buildings. The image produced by freehand sketching heightens awareness of these buildings.
Freehand sketching is a documenting process of the optical images, and it helps the architects to gain understanding, insight and inspiration to express their observations, thoughts, feelings and it helps to develop the skill to figure out the true essence.

In this study intends to document ten heritage buildings in the study area of Pabna City, Bangladesh. This City has a long and varied cultural past. There are a large number of heritage building in Pabna City. But it is quite unfortunate that the Heritage structures and Sites have remained unrecognized and unrecorded. Very few of them are recorded for preservation. Building and areas need to be identified as a part of our cultural heritage and proper documentation needs to be done and should be conserved or preserved the monuments, structures of historical and archaeological significance sites for future. If we conserve and preserve the heritage of this city this can have a vital impact on our national heritage.

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