Redevelopment of RDA Market Area



REDEVELOPMENT OF RDA MARKET AREA is a Thesis project of School of Architecture of BRAC University. Today we are going to present this project which concept was emphasized with New-Contextualism.


Rajshahi, in the 21st century, has blossomed into a thriving metropolis, driven by dynamic commerce, scholarly pursuits, and urban exuberance. Its transformation harks back to the 18th-century Dutch monarchy’s presence, igniting the flames of trade and prosperity. Dutch and British colonial reigns nurtured the growth of indigo and silk, establishing Shaheb Bazar as the epicenter of economic dynamism.

Redevelopment of RDA Market Area

Despite formidable challenges posed by the 1987 construction of the Natore-Nawabganj highway, the visionary Rajshahi Development Authority (RDA) embarked on a transformative mission, reclaiming the pond behind Shaheb Bazar, creating a distinguished commercial nucleus. The RDA Market, the Shaheb Bazar vegetable market, corporate institutions, and student lodgings defined this urban renaissance.

Regrettably, by 2013, the RDA Market grappled with structural vulnerabilities, fire hazards, insufficient lighting, and ventilation deficiencies, rendering it increasingly impractical. This mission transcends traditional urban development, aiming to orchestrate a multifaceted civic space, a vibrant epicenter pulsating with life in the heart of Rajshahi’s pivotal commercial landscape. It combines revitalization and innovation to craft a trans-formative urban future, envisioning a dynamic tapestry of commerce, culture, and community, reflecting the essence of a modern metropolis where every element converges harmoniously to create an enduring urban masterpiece.

Concept of Redevelopment of RDA Market Area

The design decisions emerged from extensive field studies and were crafted with a thoughtful embrace of NEW-CONTEXTUALISMas the guiding architectural principle. The redevelopment plan is an architectural endeavor that aspires to seamlessly weave together a diverse array of elements, encompassing historic landmarks, places of worship, educational institutions, residential areas, and Commercial spaces. This visionary concept seeks to forge a cohesive urban landscape, harmoniously uniting these distinct facets into a holistic whole, with the bustling pulse of the RDA market serving as its symbolic heart.

Redevelopment of RDA Market Area

Beyond mere physical connections, the plan endeavors to nurture a sense of community and belonging among both residents and visitors. Through meticulous design and execution, the cityscape will undergo a comprehensive transformation, emerging as a unified and aesthetically pleasing urban environment, marking a significant stride toward a more vibrant, interconnected, and livable city.

Central to this concept is the goal of enhancing accessibility between various locales, thereby facilitating smoother movement and drawing individuals from surrounding areas to the market and communal spaces. This involves the seamless integration of pathways with Rajshahi City’s central hub and the lively Sharee lane, a strategic move promising to significantly invigorate commerce and forge robust, interconnected bonds among these elements.

Furthermore, for those who toil along the Sharee lane and call Padma Char their home, this initiative offers a direct and convenient pathway. Additionally, a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing promenade will grace the site’s waterfront, seamlessly blending with the unique landscape of Padma Char, creating an inviting thoroughfare.

The Padma River, a colossal and historically significant waterway within our nation’s borders, harbors a “Charr,” an island formed by its meandering currents, located just a brief 5-minute stroll from our site. By establishing this connecting thoroughfare, the site extends a warm invitation to individuals from far beyond the immediate neighborhood, beckoning them to partake in the enchanting splendors of “Padma Garden.”

Here, one can revel in the embrace of unspoiled natural vistas generously bestowed by the river. Furthermore, this endeavor holds the promise of positively transforming the lives of riverside inhabitants, enhancing their connection to the Padma and enriching their daily existence from an architectural perspective.

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