Nooruddin Ahmed Complex

Nooruddin Ahmed Complex at Narayanganj

Nooruddin Ahmed Complex at Narayanganj

Nooruddin Ahmed Complex at Nabiganj, Narayanganj is a community center for multipurpose  functions which is operated by Epyllion Foundation owned by Epyllion Group a renowned business group of Bangladesh.
Architectural Consultant: DWm4 Architects

Nooruddin Ahmed Complex at Nabiganj, Narayanganj program

The program of the project was formulated by the discussion with users. The various functions accommodated in this Complex are a)Doctors Chambers b) a small Pathological Laboratory, c) Two Hall Rooms for multi-purpose community use like hosting social dining and watching cricket matches in large groups d) Library e) Gymnasium f) Six classrooms for after-school tutorials and g) an outdoor Gallery for open-to-sky art classes.

Nooruddin Ahmed Complex plans

Nooruddin Ahmed Complex at Nabiganj, Narayanganj FLOOR PLANS

Nooruddin Ahmed Complex at Nabiganj, Narayanganj photo Gallery

Photo: Humira Zaman

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In this project, brick is the principal building material – a logical choice due to its availability. This material also selected by the Architect due to economy of construction and maintenance for the future use. Here Rooms are oriented in North-South direction with thick brick walls acting as thermal mass.

Part of three-dimensional mass shift randomly to respond to the organic character of the dense surrounding. The statement is bold yet soft, with the texture of solid brick masses forming varying perspectives when viewed from adjacent narrow alleys. Once inside, it is the contrasting openness of the Courtyard that connects with the outside at different levels. Space flows in different directions, with concrete parapets of the exposed forming counterweights to the void and shifting the focus upward towards the infinite sky.

After completion of this project Citizen and Netizen of the country praised the design work with positive criticism. The architecture of the building was highly appreciated by the practicing architects and professionals.

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