Minimal Art

Minimal Arts | Ar. Jakaria Himel

Minimal Arts | Ar. Jakaria Himel

Minimal Arts | Ar. Jakaria Himel. Jakaria Himel is an Architect graduated from Khulna University. He lives in Khulna. Arch-Bangla is pleased to share some of his creative as well as magnificent works. His works significantly reflects Minimal approach where he ensure that “Less is More”. His minimalist expression to describe various subjects and events is really appreciable.

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Minimalism is an art movement that began in the 1960s and early 1970s. Prominent artists associated with minimalism include Donald Judd, Agnes Martin, Dan Flavin, Carl Andre, Robert Morris, Anne Truitt and Frank Stella. The movement is often interpreted as a reaction against abstract expressionism and modernism; it anticipated contemporary post minimal art practices, which extend or reflect on minimalism’s original objectives. Japanese Buddhist philosophy Zen is much related to minimalism. Zen concepts of simplicity transmit the ideas of freedom and essence of living. Simplicity is not only in aesthetic value but also it has a moral perception that looks into the nature of truth and reveals the inner qualities and essence of materials and objects. In Zen gardening concept it is also reflects the minimalist simplicity.

The Japanese architect Tadao Ando is a minimalist architect. He conveys the Japanese traditional spirit of minimalist philosophy  and his own perception of nature in his various works. His design concepts are materials, pure geometry and nature. He normally uses concrete or natural wood and basic structural form to achieve soberness and rays of light in space. He also sets up dialogue between the site and nature to create relationship and order with the buildings. 

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