Colossal Village House

COLOSSAL VILLAGE HOUSE by Artifex Design Studio

COLOSSAL VILLAGE HOUSE by Artifex Design Studio

Owner of this colossal village house  is a businessman who resides in Dhaka at the moment. At Kazipur, Sirajganj he lives with his ageing mother and older brothers. The owner enjoys keeping close ties with his village family and frequent visits to his hometown, as well as engaging positively with the villager community. He convey his demand to the architect to create a shared family home keeping in mind his attachment and way of life.

Here the architect tried to achieve an introspective design that was both radically modern and drew inspiration from traditional architectural tropes in Bangladesh, like the central courtyard.

Client: Md. Nurul Huda
Site: Kazipur, Sirajgonj
Built-up Area: 1.900 sqm
Typology: Joint Family House
Status:  Completed (2021)
Consultant: Artifex Design Studio
Principal Architect: Bishawjit Gosh,
Design Team: Mita Biswas, Saify Ababil


colossal village house


  • Resisting heat gain
    Facilitating heat loss
    Micro climatic response


Photo: Bishwajit Ghosh


The climate of the place is predominantly hot and humid which can generate stuffy and uncomfortable conditions. Hence it is important to generate solutions by two methods:-


– Balconies running both around the ground and the first floor acts as buffer-spaces, which moderates the outside extremities of climate.

– The pale colouration of the walls increases surface-reflectivity and reduces input thermal coefficient.

– The orientation of the building is such that it provides shading to the internal faces of the house resulting in reduction of heat gain.

-Using roof garden, which provides excellent insulation, carries out the thermal insulation of the roof.


– Ventilation is done by placing two windows and one doors in front of each other at the room level.

– As a block the cleverly placed central courtyard acting as the Air Sink distributes and ventilates air.

– To reduce the humidity is one of the key factors for generating comfort conditions.

– While analyzing the house, the entrance has been deliberately divided into two from the road itself into a public and a private entrance.

– The public entrance leads to the courtyard, the public baithak, then it leads to the study, the dining, and the kitchen, which are semi private.

– The other entrance leads upstairs through the staircase to the private baithak [which has a parallel conversational sitting layout],the bedrooms and the most private of them all, the zenana quarters.

– On a more vertical approach, the ground floor is a cluster of public, social and semi private spaces, whereas the first floor is totally dedicated to private spaces.

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